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Kunshan Cosmo Packaging Material Co., Ltd. Add: 9-A Jieyun Building, No.2, Lane 600, Tianshan Road,
shanghai , shanghai 200051

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About Shrink Film Manufacturer

Kunshan Cosmo Packaging Material Co., a leading supplier for shrink films, high barrier film and packaging machines in China. Besides manufacture,we also set up three core departments: film R&D, product packaging design andauto-packaging assembly lines design departments to provide our customers aworld-class sales and after-sales supports. Our factory is located in Kunshan Jiangsuprovince. We also set up an office in Shanghai for sales and after-sales services. Wecan provide different products packaging solutions and can meet auto assembly linesrequirements.

If you are looking for a supplier for packaging machines and packaging materials, please do not be hesitate to contact with us. Our experienced sales team knows very well about food packaging, such as bread, fresh and frozen food, fish and so on. We are confident to supply you a perfect packaging solution.We also provide solutions comprehensively for non-food field, such as electronics, retails, commodities, household products and so on.

We are always striving to seek and research new products, and help to improve efficiency and packaging designs. We will warmly welcome all the new projects from all over the world and we can provide a new thinking and outlook to you based onpossible solutions.